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Christie Kerner

Christie Kerner

Advisor | Entrepreneur | Connector

Specialties include strategic planning, branding, technology, efficiency, scalability and implementation.

It was over 20 years ago that Christie Kerner first helped launch a company, and that company became a multi-million dollar business within two years.  Since then she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create more success.

In addition to her own entrepreneurial endeavors and her consulting practice, she has worked in Fortune 100 companies where she consistently won awards for identifying, creating and implementing efficient processes that leveraged technology to lower expenses and drive revenue.  Her deep understanding of both human behavior and business make her an uncanny expert at marketing + people ops; and her ability to translate strategy into tactics ensures things get done.

Christie is a very active connector in the #yesphx Phoenix business community. She was formerly the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in the W. P. Carey School of Business and the Executive Director of Student Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University. She is now a National Director for Startup Grind and is also the Director of Venture Development, facilitating StartupAZ Foundation’s Founders Collective series.


I freaking love everything about business, but these are my very favorite parts...


True confessions: I can seriously geek out on those two words for hours


The right tech tools increase profit, what’s not to love?


Ideas are a dime a dozen, let’s talk about how the rubber meets the road


I know biz and I know people, marketing is where those two come together


Need a speaker, emcee, moderator or interviewer?

I have oodles of experience in all of the above on stages of every size . If it’s about helping entrepreneurs create more success I’m in.

Need an Executive Advisor?

I’ve got your back.

As an executive advisor I help CEOs define and implement their optimum business model.  I mentor and advise innovative startups, small business owners and mid market companies in both individual and group settings.

Want to join one of my executive forum mastermind groups? Get in touch.

Need business education?

I’ve been helping business owners simplify their path to success for many years and am happy to help you do the same.

At Launch MiE I work with startup entrepreneurs, small business owners and well-established companies.  Simply put, I teach business skills to business owners, helping them decrease costs and increase revenue… but also making sure we have fun along the way.

i look forward to meeting you,